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The Void (DVD)
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Title: The Void (DVD)
Director: Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski
Cast: Ellen Wong, Kathleen Munroe, Kenneth Welsh
Languages: English
Format: DVD Widescreen

Description: Drawing inspiration from a number of horror influences including Hellraiser, The Beyond, H.P. Lovecraft and Lucio Fulci, The Void is "both stunning and disturbing"! Officer Carter stumbles upon a crawling man in the forest in need of help. A trip to the desolate and nearly closed hospital kicks off the beginning of the end for several hospital patrons. Carter's estranged wife and head nurse Allison is the head nurse (Munroe) along with Dr. Powell (Welsh) are the two in charge when Carter brings in the drifter. The father and son tracking the drifter burst onto the scene to demand that the man be handed over. But there's a dangerous cult in white robes following the pair and everyone barricades themselves inside the hospital. The trick is to survive the night and the monsters. Not Rated.